As the semester’s -and decade’s- last, the fourth installment of the New School MFA Student Reading Series promises to be a special one. The day after the vast majority of us finish class (some of us for good), what better way to celebrate the end of schoolwork than free pizza, beer, wine, or soda, and listening to the fabulous work of your fellow writers, spoken in their own words?

==========DETAILS OF NOTE===========

→ The reading will be held in the LANG CAFE (65 West 11th St., adjacent the courtyard) – NOT in room 510. This means more seating, more space, views of the outside world, etc.

→ It will begin at SEVEN (7) PM, NOT at 6:30 (as it has been in the past). It will also go a little later than it has in the past (9 PM or so). THURSDAY 16.

As before, it will be awesome, primarily because of the star-studded line-up who’ll be sharing their work. This reading’s intrepid student volunteers are, in first name alphabetical order:

★Emily Sproch (2nd year Nonfiction)

★Ash Adams (1st year Poetry)

★Jeff Johnson (2nd year Poetry)

★Jeremy Sierra (2nd year Fiction)

★Keara Driscol (1st year Poetry)

★Kelly Rush (2nd year Nonfiction)

★Laney Arbelaez (2nd year Fiction)

★Mark Gurarie (2nd year Poetry)

★Melynda Fuller (2nd year Nonfiction)

★Nathalia Perozo (1st year Poetry)

★Nekoro Gomes (1st year Nonfiction)

★Sarah Gerard (1st year Fiction)

★David Thorpe (1st year nonfiction)

★Tim Michel (2nd year Fiction)

★Whitney Kvasager (1st year Nonfiction)

★Xan Price (1st year Fiction)

Come celebrate the end of the Fall Semester and the coming of Winter Break / thesis semester with us. Hope to see you there!


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