Here is a video that I created on February 10, 2010 – the day of an alleged New York City blizzard. The footage was taken at Coney Island and on a subway train. If the subway train goes above the ground, is it no longer a subway train? The train went through Brooklyn, and then it went on a bridge, into Manhattan. The video is of low quality, recorded with T-Mobile and Google’s G1 cell phone.

The songs in the video are not really called “Coney Island” and “Train.”

The first song is actually called “Chiquis.” It is about a cat. This cat, in particular:


The song was written for the organ, piano, and strings.

The second song in the video, during the trains, is called “Thank You For Your Company.” It was written for horns, flute, strings, harp, piano, and church bells.

Both songs were written in 2009. “Chiquis” belongs to an unnamed collection. “Thank You For Your Company” belongs to a, possibly, lost collection called KMS. It hopefully has not been permanently lost. At any rate, the recordings still exist and the music to two of the songs also still exist. When/If the rest of the music becomes located, it will be backed-up, re-recorded, and released to the public via Bandcamp.

Fingers crossed.


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