Here are three songs from an EP called The Winter. They are old, from 2003, when I first started to write my own music. The first song is called “December,” and it is about a maddening time – full of emotions. That might not be apparent in the music though. I don’t know what is apparent in the music. I remember playing the second song, “The Forest,” on my guitar a lot. That was back when I only had, maybe, five songs. I was heavily influenced by the soundtracks of Koji Kondo at the time. It was my goal to write scores, not pop songs. I don’t remember where “The Stars” came from or what it is about.

I have created an account on Soundcloud. I’m not such a big fan of Soundcloud as I am with Bandcamp, but I wanted to jump on it anyway. Rather than just repost what I have on Bandcamp, though, I think I’ll use Soundcloud as a place to post spontaneous recordings. Maybe live recordings too, if I have any live performances lined up (and the means of recording them). The above recording is an example of what one might expect from my Soundcloud page – very lo-fi songs with plenty of mistakes. I’m sure everything on there will be accidental and amateur. I’m sure it will be a mix of guitar, piano, and electronics. There might be some noise going on there, too.


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