For a little while, I thought that I lost fourteen songs that belong to a collection called KMS. They were written last year, 2009, during the spring. (I had mentioned my anxieties to them being missing in this post.) They turned up today in an external hard-drive, saved in some random folder, missing from the rest of the pack. They’re in the Dropbox now. I plan on re-recording them very soon, during this winter break. I will release the album on Bandcamp, probably for free (name-your-own-price).

Anyway, before I do all that, I wanted to post some video I took while at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. I had a long layover on the way home from New York and I decided to use that time playing with my Flip camera. I even took footage during the “No Electronic Devices” time period of my flight home, possibly threatening the lives of myself and everybody on board. Today, I thought, what better way to celebrate the rescue of the KMS songs than to release the video with two of the found tracks as the soundtrack.

The first track is called “The Sound and the Fury,” named after the book by William Faulkner, though, having nothing to do with the book. It was written for the piano and horns. Most of the songs from KMS were written for the piano, actually. I had gotten into Antony & the Johnsons at the time and I was also trying to write songs that were mellow and soft in nature. Anyway, the second song, “Midnight Message,” was written on my birthday, March 15. It was written for the piano, horns, vibraphone, and flute. I would consider both of these songs as the “singles” from KMS.

Keep an eye/ear out for KMS.


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