I nearly lost these songs. Now they are all together and backed up onto the internet. Not only are they all together and backed up onto the internet, but they are recorded and available on Bandcamp! All the songs were written during the spring of 2009 – my last semester of undergrad. I wrote this album with the desire to make soft, mellow songs. The piano plays a large part in it. I also see the flute as a kind of character in this album. I say character, because when I wrote these songs, I planned to write a musical to go along with them (I had been taking a class on Broadway musicals at the time). One day, I might still do that… Anyway, you might recognize “The Sound and the Fury” and “Midnight Message” as the songs that I used in my Dallas-Fort Worth International video. You may also recognize “Thank You For Your Company” from my Coney Island + Train video (specifically, the train section). Also, you may recognize that this album is called KMS I. The implications being that an album called KMS II exists…



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