Here are some minicards I ordered from MOO. I bought them for about $25 and I got $15 back in eBay bucks. Not bad! These sorts of things are great for music acts without labels. tchem is heard via word-of-mouth – mostly, my mouth – and these minicards will augment that process, hopefully. They make great bookmarks, even though they are quite small. Their small size is part of the charm, though. Normal business cards are boring. Something half the size of a business card, on the other hand, gains recognition for being half the size of a business card… I designed them myself. My favorite one is the red one. I’ve redesigned my bandcamp to match it.


In related news, I finally made an image-map on my bandcamp’s banner so that people could find their way over here, my soundcloud page, and back to the bandcamp (in case somebody somehow gets lost on the tchem bandcamp, while they are looking for the tchem bandcamp).

Speaking of bandcamp, this is what’s happening on there now:


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