Here is an album that I wrote in 2009, during my first semester in Manhattan as a graduate student. That being said, it’s not necessarily an EP about New York or being a graduate student. Let me tell you where these songs came from and why I named them what they’re named:

1. Brother/Sister – Actually, I don’t know where this song came from or why it’s called this. I may have been referencing something?

2. Arkansas – This song is about a girl that I briefly became acquainted with who was from Arkansas.

3. Hunger – The title is in reference to Knut Hamsun’s Hunger, but I don’t think the music has anything to do with that. I’m not sure what I was going through at the time. I probably wasn’t hungry either.

4. A World Without People – I’m not sure that I would say this song came out of a lonely time. It doesn’t sound like I was sad. I was probably thinking of loneliness and silence, despite this being a time in my life when I was living with many people.

5. Anthem of the Nauseated King – I probably wrote this song fantasizing myself as some kind of king, because I have a big ego. Meanwhile, I’m nauseated plenty nights of the week, so I’m sure this song was about me being nauseated – and a king? What a lame fantasy. I don’t even bother thinking away the nonsense.

6. Documentary Filmmaker – This song is about a friend of mine who wants to be a documentary filmmaker. This one was easy.

7. The Monster – I don’t know if I called it this because it sounds monstrous, or if I was making a reference to somebody. I might have been referencing somebody…

8. LGA [Piano Piece] – La Guardia International Airport, this wasn’t the last song I wrote about you.

9. Curse the Gods – What a name… I was probably being silly. It sounds like a hardcore song, and what’s more hardcore than cursing the gods?


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