Here is a round up of all my recent work and miscellany. It wasn’t my most productive period in terms of creations-that-I-can-post, because I’ve been working on my master’s thesis. For anybody interested, the master’s thesis is going amazingly. I wish that I could post finished fiction on this blog – since that is what I’ve been so occupied with – but until something is published, it’ll just be music and photos and etc… As good bits of the thesis/novel become finished, I’ll send them out to literary magazines and websites – an activity for the summer. Anyway, here is the Winter 2010-2011 box set:

tchem – DFW

tchem – Farewell Ghosts LP

tchem – Fedallah Rises Double-LP

Photography Albums

Photos in the Village & Winter’s Return

tchem – Soundcloud Sessions, Volume One

Bootsy Collins Interview


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