I wrote Lessons in Physics in two weeks, mostly in a hall at the University of Texas at El Paso by some physics tutoring sessions. It is my most electronic album, despite almost all of my albums being electronic. I say this because it was written for electronic sounds, whereas other albums mostly use electronic sounds for a lack of instruments and musicians. This album has a subheading of “The Lost Album,” because I’ve lost the written music. All I have are these recordings, which are not very good in quality – though, it is perfectly fine for listening. Mylo and Boards of Canada are big influences.

A Happy Place is also comprised of lost music. All that exists are these non-perfect recordings. This EP is my Station to Station in that I cannot remember writing these songs – though, unlike David Bowie, I’m sure the reason is not cocaine. Despite my memory, these have always been some of my favorite songs, because of their optimistic and happy sound. Most of my music tends to be dark and filled with conflict, but these seem to be in… well… a happy place.

High Glamour came out of an overwhelming Massive Attack influence, which can be heard in many of the songs – so much, that I feel I must credit Massive Attack a little, though these are not cover songs or rip offs. “Sound Check” comes close to one of their songs, but I can’t remember which one… “Bone Structure” is most definitely coming from “Inertia Creeps,” and “Love Shadows” is heavily influenced by “Future Proof.” Other songs are simply tchem through and through.

Some time ago, I tried recording an album with vocals in it. It wasn’t to my liking… Light and Dark are those songs without the horrid vocals (there were other songs, from other collections, too). I should say that there are three types of tchem songs: (1) computer-written, (2) instrument-written, and (3) instrument-focused. Most of my songs are (1) and (2). All the four works posted here are (1), which means that I wrote them without using instruments (by ear). These groups tend to sound like each other, though they are often in different emotional places. Light and Dark is sort of a transitional album – life was just going onward to new things.


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