Bryant Davis and I call ourselves the Fashionmasters. We make music – though most people might call it “noise” instead. Our first recording, Live in Manhattan – 2010, came out of nowhere… we performed it without ever having written any music together, and without ever having played together before. This was the first meeting of our musical minds. (To contrast) My solo work, tchem, is sort of like the translation of the events in my life, the score to my life. The songs are planned and worked on so that they can represent things. Since the first recording, Fashionmasters serves a different purpose for music, something like spontaneity… Bryant and I don’t know what’s going to happen. In a way, its purpose is to surprise us.

Our second recording, named after New York City’s 2-Train, goes into the unknown in a different way than the first album. We rode the subway and recorded everything we heard, in the train, in the stations, and on the platforms – anything could have happened. Afterward, we connected the audio we had just recorded to our effects and pedals and an amplifier, and we played the audio, manipulated it, and re-recorded it.

And now, I present our latest work: Splits. I graduated from the New School and left New York City, separating Bryant and I. If we were to make a new Fashionmasters, it would have to be done through the Internet… So, the way that this new album surprised us differed from the first two albums: First, Bryant and I recorded our own individual tracks in different ways; then, we sent the tracks to each other (this being the first surprise, since we didn’t know what the other wrote); and finally, we changed each other’s tracks into their final state (this being the second surprise, since we couldn’t control what happened to the tracks we wrote). Luis Domingo joins the Fashionmasters as the album artist.



Listen for more Fashionmasters in October of this year…


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