Over the years, in the way that people find friends they “can talk to,” I have found friends that I can talk to on a musical level. I’ve recently encountered a great desire to record these conversations and share them with the world, and the vehicle for this free archive is something that I call Good Chemist. And in my circle of creative friends, perhaps the most senior member is Chris Ray, a schoolmate of mine from high school. He would come over sometimes, and we’d record these improvised sessions on our guitars, or guitar and piano, and on to other instruments and experiments. It was mostly all for fun. We would only share our recordings with our good friends, and the only live performance that we attempted ended in embarrassment, despite having had an excellent practice only a few hours earlier… That’s the strange dynamic of music… Well, recently, Chris Ray came to me with a sketching in his spiral notebook, something that came to him like a dream: It was like a petroglyph on a cave wall, one character singing with a guitar, and another character operating machinery: It was The Kid & the Chemist. On the morning of November 7, I hooked up my Kaossilator Pro to the Motif ES7, and I recorded five different beats for us to use. In the afternoon, Chris came over and we went to eat hamburgers. When we came back, we tried out each beat, making samples with an electric bass guitar and an electric guitar and some vocals, and then we improvised some songs and recorded them on the spot. We even made a video recording of the final song (as seen above)… As always, you can go to Bandcamp and stream the album, and you can download the album for free.


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