KMS II finds a different tone than KMS I, which was very piano focused, and KMS 0, which was made with GarageBand. The songs feature drums and synths that hop from left to right, manipulated sounds, and it all leans more towards an electronica style. I wrote many of these songs in New York City, during the winter and spring of 2011, and I finished them in El Paso, during October. I’ve grown tired of the repetitive patterns that make up most tchem songs, and although KMS II is still very repetitive, I did start looking into making more melody and beat variations – the percussion in “Always in My Thoughts” is an example. I plan for my next works to be much more dynamic than what I’ve done so far. I’m unsure if this KMS series, which is intended to be theatrical, will continue past these songs. It’s probably time to start thinking of how they might fit into a musical of some sort.

In 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, I had collections of orphan songs that did not fall into a particular concept (2011 does not have one). Valerie is the 2009 collection. It’s a short collection, considering that this was also the year that I wrote KMS I and Manhattan, among other albums. It was an active year for me, musically, and otherwise – it is when I moved to New York City. I named the album after my cousin, Valerie, who introduced me to the joys of music when I was young – the album picture is not of Valerie, but her son. I used one of these songs, “Chiquis,” in that video I made of Coney Island, during the Blizzard of 2010:

There isn’t a lot to say about this album, except for what I wrote on its bandcamp page: “The music to these pieces is lost. These were MP3s that I had saved. They are basically some things I came up with messing around with FLStudio (when it was still called Fruity Loops). I’m sure some of these synthesizers use ready-made arpeggios, and some of the effects were the preset ones. I doubt I’ll ever come back to these songs.”


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