Here is a video that I made with my cousin, Natalie Rodarte. It follows her through some of her daily routines: eating breakfast, brushing her hair, working on her book… It also spends some time in one of her Kung Fu San Soo classes. This is the website for that particular place: I originally wanted to make some sort of story with Natalie, but I found her planned day to be more interesting than any little idea I had in my head at the time.

I shot this with a minoHD Flip Video Camera. That sort of video camera does not have very good stability, so you can see that the video wobbles a lot. I also used the audio straight from the camera, but this was because I was lazy. I actually recorded separate audio for these videos using my TASCAM DR-07mkII. I may use that audio for something in the future. As it stands, the audio in this video is a bit low in volume. But that’s okay; this was just a fun day with my cousin. It was also sort of a test drive, as I would like to make some short videos for YouTube that have stories in the near future.

Here is a little poster that I made for this video — just for fun:

– Timothy Michel


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