The 2013 Coachella lineup.


This day is the strongest for me, because my favorite band is Blur. We can debate if they, and/or The Stone Roses, can or cannot headline Coachella, but if it means that both bands can play full sets, I’m onboard. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of Modest Mouse, Jurassic 5, Beach House, Metric, Divine Fits, Stars, and Four Tet – I’ve already seen all of these acts, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing any of them again. Lou Reed, Grinderman, How to Destroy Angels, Johnny Marr, and Sparks all intrigue me, and aside from seeing Marr with Modest Mouse and Paul Weller, I’ve never seen any of them.


It’s ridiculous how stacked this day is with undercard bands. In fact, I don’t know how one could even hope to fit a headliner more proper than Phoenix – not without suffering terrible conflicts, at least, which will surely happen anyways. I’m not complaining; I’ve always enjoyed Phoenix’s shows and music. You also have a good amount of grandiosity within New Order, Moby (albeit not live), Violent Femmes, and Spiritualized. Those are your “headliners” among the other great acts: Sigur Rós, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, Franz Ferdinand, Wild Nothing, etc, etc… I’m actually most excited about The Postal Service, for the sake of feeling nostalgic about high school.


One of the first things I did with this lineup was scan for James Blake, and voilà, Sunday has him. Aside from that, I found much excitement from reading these names: Tame Impala, OMD, and Jessie Ware. I’ll admit that I’m a little underwhelmed with Red Hot Chili Peppers being the weekend’s closer, what with John Frusciante not playing with them anymore and my not paying too much attention since Californication. But if I catch their set, I’m sure I’ll hear some of the songs that I like… I need to rummage through Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ discography, and I need to hunt down music from a lot of these other names, because Sunday is the most alien day (as far as my music library goes).

In conclusion: I’m very happy to attend this year (my ninth Coachella). I finally get to see my favorite band, Blur, and one of my new favorite artists, James Blake. There’s an added bonus in that many of the great bands that I’ve seen in the past all seem to be present on this lineup, as well as some interesting names that I’ve never really investigated or heard of.


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