When I returned to El Paso, in the summer of 2011, I started work on Adult Concerns. After a couple of months, I ended up with a fine number of early drafts. Usually, an early draft is good enough for me, always wanting to move onto the next project as soon as possible. Instead, I found myself playing the same songs, over and over again, for the rest of 2011, throughout 2012, and well into 2013. The result was the above collection of guitar-centered songs.

These songs chronicle my strange compulsion to quickly find my place within a disheartening economy, amidst frustrating politics and heavy student loan debt. The pressure for accomplishments – what’s more, accomplishments with financial reward – really threatens the eyeballs to explode. I tried to capture that tension within my music, via the madness of many guitars all competing against each other, sometimes drowning each other out and sometimes tangling into an incomprehensible mess. I wanted my guitar to absorb these adult concerns – hence the title – and explode within the album, where they might heal things instead of destroy them. I even attempted to capture my uneasiness within the beats in many of the songs.

I recorded this album with a Fender Stratocaster, the Fender Frontman Reverb Amp, and a KORG D1600mkII Digital Recording Studio. That’s my usual line-up, and I’ve owned that stuff since high school. As far as guitar pedals go, I used a Digital Reverb RV-5 (I used this almost all the time), Distortion DS-1, Tremolo TR-2, Acoustic Simulator AC-3, and a Super Octave OC-3 – all from BOSS. I also used my KORG Kaossilator Pro and Kaoss Pad, but that was more in songwriting than recording. The Clash’s London Calling was a big influence when I first started writing these songs, but the general style is a continuation with my fascination of bands like My Bloody Valentine and A Place to Bury Strangers.

As usual, you can stream the album for free in the above player. You can also download the album in 320kbps MP3s or FLAC or whatever Bandcamp offers. I protected the songs with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, which as far as I’m concerned means that you can – should – make free copies for all of your friends and family. I hope everybody enjoys this album. Thank you for listening!


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