My friend, Bobby Poschmann, sent me a link not too long ago that said, “Tim, here is this hip hop album I did.” It was an unexpected, delightful thing to find in my Facebook messages inbox. It features a number of piano tracks, cut and pasted into new arrangements for the lyrics to flow upon. The second track, “Past Present Future,” works a string into that mechanic, which makes a melody very fit for this cold autumn. A number of the songs, including the opening track, “Burton Drive,” among others, sneak very good bits of jazz that rise to the surface, now and then.

A beautiful album cover.
A beautiful album cover.

I’m hardly an authority on the subject of hip hop, having only consumed the inescapable works of that genre (for example: Kanye West), a number of the albums found on Stones Throw Records, and the things created by my friends (who all love and are inspired by Stones Throw Records – myself included). That being acknowledged, I know when I enjoy something, no matter how little I might actually understand of it, and I can confidently say that I enjoy this album: Wilson Fisk Presents: The Search For Dr Bobby Banner MPC.

As per usual, I’ve attached the Bandcamp player in this post, where the curious may listen to and download the album.


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