A New School University student, captured by a fellow writer, Laney.

I am a British Literature teacher, composer, and scribbler. I earned by Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso and the New School University, respectively. I was accepted into the JD Law Program at the University of Texas at Austin, but decided instead to enroll in a Teacher’s Certification Program with Region 19, based in El Paso. Upon completion of that program, I started teaching in an Early College High School, a type of school where high school students can earn their Associates alongside their High School Diplomas.

"Long Nights": A drawing of me by David Scheier, in celebration of my short album called Television.
“Long Nights”: A drawing of me by David Scheier, in celebration of my mini-album called Television.


I began making music in 2003, as a high school sophomore, under the name True Chemistry. I later shortened the name to tchem (stylized in all lowercase). I’ve since written over 500 songs. Many of them are recorded and can be found in the Bandcamp page linked from this website. There are many songs from before 2007 that I hope to produce and make available online. Ideally, I hope to upload a complete archive of my music, free for download and distribution.