tchem & the Fashionmasters

As a hobby, I compose and record my own music under the moniker “tchem.” I used to write music under the name “True Chemistry,” but I sort of grew out of the name, without wanting to change it completely. You can find most of my published music on Bandcamp. Below is my last release from 2013:

I also made music with my friend, Bryant Davis, under the name “The Fashionmasters.” We met in New York City, while attending The New School, and came together to record some really weird, experimental music. Most of our releases can be found on my Bandcamp, but our last release can be found on pandafuzz.com.

Roleplaying Games

I currently GM a Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition campaign with my wife, family members, and a great friend from high school. I also play in an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition campaign with many of my co-workers and other friends. I’ve also run previous games in Dungeon World, Fate Core, Fate (2nd Edition), Genesys, and City of Mist. I hope to post some original modules and other roleplaying game supplements on this site.

Creative Writing

I graduated from UTEP with a B.A. in Creative Writing and from The New School with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing – a focus in fiction. I have yet to publish any writing, but I hope to complete some stories and poems soon.